Let me remind you:  Wherever your focus is directed that’s where your energy goes.  Whatever you allow in your space, you eventually become.

I read this today and, let me tell you, I don’t believe it was a coincidence these words fell into my life right when I happened to need the reminder.  I was just thinking this morning about needing to rework my time management skills.  I don’t feel like I’m focusing enough on the things that I need and want to bring forth in my life.

I did a little research to find out who originally said this.  It appears to be an unknown.  This is a shame because I’d like to thank them.   This is one of those quotes I’m going to read everyday to help keep myself on track.

These daffodils are a photo of a photo.  I took the original while in NC.  It is framed and hanging in my mom's foyer, bringing sunshine in no matter the time of year.

These daffodils are a photo of a photo. I took the original while in NC. It is framed and hanging in my mom’s foyer, bringing sunshine in no matter the time of year.

Speaking of things that move me, I also discovered Daffodils popping up.  They are my all time favorite sign of spring, warm weather, hope and happiness!  Info on the lore of daffodils can be found here.

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20 Bracelets, the 5th

Only five bracelets in and I have already learned two valuable lessons.  The first is about time.  I have many roles in my life.  I am a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a nanny, a photographer and a creator.  With everything I am doing and working towards in my life, not everyday can be about every role I play.  It was inevitable that my 20 Day of Bracelets would not be consecutive days.  As it turns out, that is okay.  What’s important isn’t knocking them all out in 20 straight days.  What’s important is that I do finish all 20 and that I continue to learn and be inspired on the journey of getting them complete.

Day 5 E


Day 5 B


The second lesson is something I feel silly for not having anticipated.  I set out to design these bracelets using new material.  New material is MUCH harder to find in the same old places than I anticipated.  I am now aware of the influence a stale environment has on creativity.  The more I get away from my futon and coffee table set up in the basement studio, the more my mind seems to unravel into a web for catching new ideas.

Day 5 D

This is bracelet number 5.  It was made from a missing it’s match, slightly stretched out (and washed) sock.  I love it more than I should love any old sock.  I am now about to head out for the afternoon, hoping to find my number 6 bracelet materials.

Day 5 A

Day 5 C


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Lotus Flowers


My new thing.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading about mandalas and lotus flowers.  I have barely touched the surface of the things I hope to learn, to feel. 


Drawing has never been my strong suit, so I have decided to practice using the Lotus flower as my subject.  They won’t all be the same, but with each one I will learn and improve my technique.  I will adapt my mind to my work. 



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20 Bracelets, Day 4

For anyone who follows me on Facebook, you already know why my 20 Bracelets project was delayed.  This week, my beautiful niece decided to grace us with her presence!  Today, I am breaking away from my family for a few to share my day 4 bracelet.  I am excited to use corks in jewelry!




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Day 3 of 20 Bracelets

For my day 3 bracelet I used electrical tape and ribbon.  I thought it was pretty basic, but enjoyed the way it looked when I tried it on.



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20 Bracelets, Day 2


This was made using parts from a plastic water bottle, colored thread and mod podge.  My kind of recycling! 

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Invoking Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many ways.  Sometimes, it just hits us.  Other times, it happens through a process.  Ideas come from inside of us, from our feelings, our activities, from things we see throughout the course of our day.  There are innumerable ways to encounter the thing we rely to steer our creative juices.  It is all around.  Unfortunately, there are also many times when we feel an inspiration block.  Accompanied by a desire to create, an urge that needs to be fulfilled, these are the times that we are truly challenged.  When the ideas aren’t flowing, where do we turn?  This is where I have found myself.

Generally, once there is a crack in the block the surrounding wall will crumble rather rapidly.  One concept suggests another, then alters perception, which leads to a scheme, and before you know it you are living in exhilaration and purpose.  In many areas of my life, this is what I’m experiencing.  However, as other areas in my mind are expanding, my jewelry innovation is shrinking.

I stepped back from my jewelry for a few reasons.  I had reached what I feel was a solid inventory for my purposes at the time.  I also had other interests that I felt were being neglected.  I know I made the correct decision.  Refocusing lifted me up in so many ways.  Now, my jewelry is available at Orange and I am ready to expand what I have to offer.  Yet, I can’t seem to grasp a positive and motivating place to start.  I find my mind wandering to my other projects.  I have no intentions of abandoning these, but I don’t want to find myself so far removed from this thing I love so much that I can’t find my way back.  What I need is a spark and a large degree of balance.

So, this is my plan.  I’m going to make 20 bracelets in 20 days using 20 different materials.  I could say this was an original process, but it isn’t.  It stems from an old art class assignment (one of the more memorable ones).  My rules go hand in hand with my goals and they are:
1.  to keep things simple.  Pick a material, see what it can do, learn from the experience.  Over thinking is one of my biggest downfalls.  Any help I can give myself to avoid it is always a positive lesson in itself.
2.  to learn about new materials.  My usual materials are off limits.  I won’t get anywhere new by doing what I’ve always done (if anyone knows who really said that quote first, I’d love to know)!
3.  to take a photo and post it daily.  Accountability, my friends.  To you, to myself and for my future.  Also, this guarantees I spend some time on my jewelry, integrating it into my routines, but without letting it take over.  There’s that balance.
4.  to have fun with the journey.  Remembering why I started making jewelry in the first place seems crucial to continuing on.  The less uptight I am about it all, the more open I will be to whatever lessons in creativity and design present themselves.  Whatever I carry with me after this, whatever I achieve that I can grow on, that is for later.

So, here I present to you, my Day 1 bracelet!  Twine Bracelet


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